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        Chris Viscomi
        Updated on Aug 05, 2020

        Leveraging LinkedIn Lead Generation


        If I asked you what’s the most important professional networking tool, you’d probably answer, “LinkedIn.”

        And you’d be right: As Fortune points out, the website has over 500 million users. But what’s equally interesting for B2B marketers is that LinkedIn also lists information about more than nine million organizations — data about everything from location and company size to brands and initiatives.

        Just take a moment to really appreciate the enormity of those statistics.

        Clearly, if you’re looking to make connections for B2B lead nurturing, LinkedIn is a treasure trove of information about both companies and the decision makers who run them.




        Participate in groups that your target customers are members of. Think, for instance, of groups for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups — anywhere your target audience might go for insights and advice that you can provide.

        • You can also start your own group to share your expertise and build a community.
        • Join the Aliste Marketing group, we have our own group called Marketing for Business Owners, where members can connect with other business owners, ask for advice, participate in
        • discussions and gain access to marketing resources they can implement in their companies.
        • Note that in general, it’s best to use your group to be truly helpful to others — not simply to market your own product or services.

        JOIN the Marketing For Business Owners Group

        LinkedIn Screen


        When it comes to lead nurturing, hyper focusing your prospecting efforts might require more preparation and research.

        However, since you’re providing helpful advice to professionals who actually need it, your efforts can have a higher ROI because those same professionals are more likely to seek you out when they’re in the market for a product or service like the one you provide.

        I'm ready for you to design my custom lead nurturing program

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